Monday, July 1, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader!

Google Reader is going to be shut down today. Users have felt bitter, angry, and somewhat panic in the past few months. However, so many developers have been working hard to create Google Reader replacements. I have seen new services popping up everyday. We may very well witness the RSS rebirth right now.

If you have not migrated your Google Reader account to any new services, you better take actions immediately. Follow this article to backup your Google Reader data. Feeddler 2.0 supports three alternative services. Sign up any services now and import the subscriptions.xml file from the backups to these services. Use Google login when you sign up these services so some of them may import your Google Reader data automatically.

If you use Google login to sign up these services, you need to create a separate mobile login for Feeddler to sync with your select services. For BazQux Reader, select settings (upper right gear button) and select mobile login to create a user name and a password. For FeedHQ, go to its Account Settings. For The Old Reader, add a user name and a password in Settings.

I have also fixed a few bugs in Feeddler 2.0. A minor update is almost ready for App Store submission.