Monday, June 10, 2013

Feeddler status update

Long story short: I will submit a Feeddler update soon that should transition well into the post-Google Reader era.

No, it's not Feedly or Digg. Their API is not ready yet. I am aware of Feedly's announcement last week and I did get its API access after the news. But Feedly folks are still working day and night to fix bugs. Their API is also different from Google's, so it will take me some time for integration.

Feeddler will first support BazQux Reader which nicely duplicates Google Reader API. In the past few days, its developer even implemented a few advanced API methods that are only used by Feeddler (e.g. drag-and-drop sorting and feed pagination) after my requests. BazQux Reader is the only one I have seen that supports full set of Google Reader API, which means Feeddler users will not miss any major functionality. It has a very usable web interface too. BazQux Reader offers a 30-day free trial and charges a $2/month subscription fee.

Not ready to commit to a subscription service? Feeddler will support Feedly later, but you might lose some functionality due to API changes.

How about Feeddler's own solution? I have completed the code for RSS aggregation and successfully tested hundred of feeds in several languages. But I still need to work on cross-plateform syncing. No subscription fee, but likely a separate app. Some non-technical issues have prevented me from spending time in this new development. I cannot promise when I will release it. Hopefully soon.


Timo said...

Awesome, I did not even know Bazqux, and it seems to be a great alternative to Google Reader even when used in the browser from the desktop.

Angel Mendez said...

Great job!

byafi said...

This looks to be a fine solution. And I use Feedler/Google Reader so much that a $2/mo charge is easily justified.

Thanks for a great tool!

Darren said...

So, how much of the $2/month fee for BazQux do you receive as a commission for providing a pay only solution to an app I have already paid to download from the App Store?

Sorry, but as a pro version purchaser, I expect to not be charged over and above that original purchase price for access to the basic advertised functionality of the app.

Instead of spending the last 6 months trying to find a site that would offer you commission for all the users this app will bring to them, perhaps you should have been doing sone code work to make Feeddler work with the many free solutions that were suggested in the previous blog comments - there were certainly no shortage of suggestions, both self-hosted and ore-existing services.

For the record, I love the app - that's why I paid for it. I don't have hundreds of feeds (less than 12 in fact) so don't care about feed limits from free hosted solutions.
I do care about getting what I paid for - a functional app. Not a peice of software rendered useless until I pay a monthly fee.

There's a work for that - extortion.

Darren said...

(Apologies for the typos - the iPads auto-correct doing its best to make gibberish out of basic English again :))

Steve said...

Thank you for your efforts. I have over 300 feeds that I follow regularly so your solution will be well-used. I don't like Feedly's interface. Yours is still the best one available...and I've tried them all.

Brian Maas said...

I don't see support for starred items in the web interface. Is that in the backend API?

Michael Weyershäuser said...

I have been using feedler in the free version for the last two years. I have been a google Reader User Long before, and when I got my first iPhone, feedler was just the app that I was looking for. I have tried some others, but none suited my needs just like feedler.

If I was asked, I would prefer a free solution, but as google closes down google reader I am more than willing to pay some money for this service.

Everyone who complains that you should have spent more time to "just Code your own Hosting solution" should think again. It's not just the Code, this solution also has to be hosted somewhere. And with the User base of feedler this is probably not fulfilled with some Virtual Server for 20$ per month, I would guess that we would be talking about several dozen servers and the infrastructure around them, like firewalls, load balancers, storage, traffic cost,... Not Even thinking about the time needed to administrate such a service (yes, I know a Little Bit what I am talking about)

Google was ablel to handle this for free (at least Not taking money for it), but no one can ask you to do the same thing from your personal money and time.

I am very happy that you found a solution that allows me to stay with the same app and interface I have loved for the past two years. 24 $ per year is definitely worth it. (And as a side note: I am pretty sure you either don't get any money at all from Bazqux or the amount is somewhere around 10% of what the end User pays. At least that is usually what you get as a partner/reseller. Once again, I know a Little Bit of what I am Talking about. I earn my money with these kinds of Deals...)

Thanks again for all your time and commitment.

The Island Cats said...

Hello. We've used Feedler Pro on our iPad and really like it. When Google Reader goes away, will we have to do anything or will Feedler just function normally like it always does? Thank you.

Ulrike Beudgen said...

Sorry, but if you start a paid version, many users will use another reader, because they can't pay anything ... me too ...

Akos Redey said...

It comes down to trust, to me. When I purchased FeeddlerPro I trusted the app creator that it would be maintained and implicitly google that it will continue to provide the service, as it turned out, the latter trust was misplaced. So would I sign up for a subscription service provided by an even less established name (while there are adequate free alternatives)? You may have guessed it: no. This is why I think supporting self hosting would be great. If there was a subscription only option, I would certainly abandon the app. Just my 2 c.

Kristen Stieffel said...

We are all a little put out by having to pay for something Google used to provide for free, but as Michael said, feed syncing is a complicated business, and though Google made it appear to be "free," obviously there were costs to providing the service or they wouldn't be dropping it. (I still haven't figured out why they didn't just charge for it, but maybe it's because they knew they'd get accused of being evil.)

$2 a month is fair for this kind of functionality. I don't need to sync between devices, though, because I do all my feed reading on my iPad. So a standalone aggregator app would be awesome.

Thanks for all the work you put into this. It's a great app with an easy-to-read interface.

Andy said...

Great to hear about Feedly support. I'm planning on using Feedly going forward when Google Reader expires but of course would be happier to stick with the familiar interface of Feeddler. I'm not sold on Bazqux at the moment as such small operations could be overwhelmed by demand and not give a robust service.

Chris Chris said...


I have been using feeddler pro for the last 2 years, but i don't whant to pay for a service like bazqux.

I have tries other app and only feeddler are better for me.

I want just a option to use feeddler localy, whith no synchro, just import googlereader info to continue to use feeddler.

Sorry for my bad english, i'am french

Scott Sanders said...

Thanks for deciding to support the feedly backend eventually. I hope it is sooner than later. To the people complaining about paying for another service, maybe you can take my approach and use the feedly reader in the meantime. I'll miss using Feeddler Pro until then.

RC Dragon said...

I love the simplicity of Feedler and Google Reader. If it were possible...I would love a web based version of Feedler. Since I use multiple devices, I have migrated to Feedly. But there are functions of Feedler that I prefer and use everyday - such as flagging and emailing articles.

I agree that I would have happily paid a fee for Google Reader for the simplicity, integration, and syncing.

I look forward to the Feedler updates. Thank you!

iolaire said...

Thanks, I recently found BazQux and it is a good replacement. I'll most likely end up paying.

However by default it subscribes to comments, you can filter those out, but they still show up in the counts. I hope that you will have a method to turn those off.

I'm a free user, but given the state if the industry I'm more likely to upgrade to your paid version at some point, especially once I have to move to a paid BazQux plan.

Anastasia Abboud said...

Does that mean I will be able to use feeddler on my laptop? I love the iPad app, but like commenting on blogs using my laptop. Anyway, feeddler is great!

Erik said...

It upsets me that Google has forced us down this path but I would like to see other free alternatives to Google Reader. There are many popping up and one that I have identified is Red Tree Reader: Please look into one of these other free sites for support in the Feeddler App and I have the paid version of Feeddler I liked it so much. I love your application but I loved it because Google had a free back end. Please find an alternative that has no cost for that back end feed.

BocaBoy said...

I wish Feedly support was happening faster. I've chosen it as my source and Readkit on my Mac supports it. Any update on when it will be available in Feeddler?